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Why Choose Unlimited Air For Your Next Comfort System?

Unlimited Air chooses to be one of the few San Angelo companies that offers a complete line of ALL MAJOR BRANDS. We carry a variety of brands so that we may provide you with the choice to suit every need and application.

Our Specialties Include…
  • Energy Saving Central Air Conditioner Installation
  • Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance
  • Expert Troubleshooting And Diagnosis
  • EPA Registered Technicians
  • Strict EPA refrigerant Guidelines Followed
  • Freon Leak Detection
  • Service and replacement for all major brands
  • Preventive maintenance for as little as .39 cents a day
  • A variety of systems and equipment to fit your budget
  • Billing by the JOB, not by the hour
  • Attractive financing alternatives
  • The most up-to-date products and services available
Many accessories and options including, but not limited to:
  • Standard, Medium, and High capacity air filters
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Energy-saving thermostats
  • WiFi thermostats
  • Duct Diagnostic and Sealing
  • Attic Insulation
  • Duct Replacement

Unlimited Air offers a wide variety of electric, gas, and heat pump products and services to meet your every need. Please Contact Us to inquire about how we can improve your existing home with our quality products and services.

How does a heat pump work?

An air conditioner concentrates cold in one set of coils (inside the house) and heat in another set (outside the house).

Imagine that you took an air conditioner and flipped it around so that the hot coils were on the inside and the cold coils were on the outside. Then you would have a heater. It turns out that this heater works extremely well. Rather than burning a fuel, what it is doing is “moving heat.”

A heat pump is an air conditioner that contains a valve that lets it switch between “air conditioner” and “heater.” When the valve is switched one way, the heat pump acts like an air conditioner, and when it is switched the other way it reverses the flow of Freon and acts like a heater.

Heat pumps can be extremely efficient in their use of energy. But one problem with most heat pumps is that the coils in the outside air collect ice. The heat pump has to melt this ice periodically, so it switches itself back to air conditioner mode to heat up the coils. To avoid pumping cold air into the house in air conditioner mode, the heat pump also lights up burners or electric strip heaters to heat the cold air that the air conditioner is pumping out. Once the ice is melted, the heat pump switches back to heating mode and turns off the burners.
Why You Should Consider Purchasing a Maintenance Agreement

A maintenance agreement provides you with several benefits:

  • You are given priority service when you have a heating or cooling problem.
  • You receive “preferred customer” status that gives you discounted prices on any repairs in the next 12 months.
  • Also, two service visits are included in the cost of your maintenance agreement. One of our trained service technicians will examine your system in the Fall and in the Spring.
  • For instance, if you have a gas furnace, in the Fall before you start using it, we check the carbon monoxide levels to makes sure its safe, also clean out any cobwebs/lint that could catch fire and oil the parts, check for leaks, and clean your burners.
  • Or in the Spring before you start heavy use of your AC, we clean the condenser coil, blow out the drain to prevent any water leaks on your carpet, check your belts and Freon, and oil parts.

With a maintenance agreement, you are assured of a clean, properly operating system, which is a more efficient, cost effective system.

Our maintenance agreements are a low cost of $159.00 a year. If you have more than 1 unit, it’s $79.50 for each additional unit. (If you wish us to supply filters as well, then filter prices will be added to that cost.)

Contact us today to set up your maintenance agreement!

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